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There comes a point in the growth of every music scene, where its artists are not only loved in their homelands, but in other countries as well. The Indian scene has well surpassed this point and this realization hit me when my fellow scribe Magne Karlsen  was talking to me about Inner Sanctum’s gig in Oslo. And now the band have released their full length titled ‘Legions Awake’ and this album totally explains why these guys are so loved. This is an album that have been awaited by fans ever since the band came out with their first EP and the wait of six years is well justified.

Inner Sanctum Legions Awake

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Because the venue was more than 27km away from my house, I left home very early and reached the venue so early that they didn’t allow me inside. I had to roam around for an hour before the gates were opened and then people got busy in beer drinking and socializing. The merch stalls were being set up and I got myself a Theorized album, which I had pre-ordered.


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