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When industrial metal meets black metal, the results almost always sound diabolical and it often invokes images of a dystopian future ruled by the machines. So when The Electric Hellfire Club guitarist Ricktor Ravensbruck teamed up with Julian Xes of  Kult of Azazel to form a industrial black act called Wolfpack 44, the sound the band would be pursuing became quite obvious. What wasn’t obvious however, is how evil and demented the music sounds. The band’s debut outing titled ‘The Scourge’ is 45 minutes of nihilistic industrial dissonance with heavy, Satanic black metal vibes to boot. Describing the music on this album as demonic would be an understatement. Every track on the album is unrelenting in it’s intensity and seldom lets the listener catch his / her breath.

Wolfpack 44

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It’s funny how the human’s race vision for the future gets more and more bleak with advancement in technology. It seems counter-intuitive, but the more industrially advanced the race becomes, the more likely it is to have a dystopian future. Perhaps that is the reason industrial metal lends itself so well for a sci-fi tale of dystopia. Massachusetts based industrial metal duo Isolated Antagonist have been able to leverage their music to tell tales of what might be our future. The story continues in the band’s latest offering, ‘Affirmation of Entropy’. Musically, the band  plays industrial metal in the vein of early Fear Factory, Die Krupps, Godflesh and the likes. To the standard industrial metal template, Isolated Antagonist add elements of death metal and atmospheric melody to create something they can call their own.

Isolated Antagonist Affirmation of Entropy

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What happens when the busiest man in metal decides that he wants to do something industrial? ‘As Dystopia Beckons’ happens. Rogga Johansson with drummer Brynjar Helgetun (Crypticus) has been releasing death metal albums under the Megascavenger moniker for about 4 years now and their releases usually feature guest appearances by the who’s who of death metal vocalists. ‘As Dystopia Beckons’ is the third full length release from Megascavenger and this time around, things get a turn towards the industrial soundscapes. This particular combination of death metal and industrial has been done quite a lot of times before, but hearing some of death metal’s best musicians tackle this is a whole new experience in itself.

Megascavenger As Dystopia Beckons

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When I first started out listening to heavy metal,  I used to buy loads of magazines like Metal Hammer, Rock Street Journal etc., partly due to the compilations such magazines offered. These compilations and album samplers often pointed me in the directions of bands I liked and were a great source for finding new material before the bandcamp era. So it is good to see compilations still being relevant today. Following last year’s ‘Operation: Underground’ compilation, Bluntface Records turn their focus towards the metal talent in the New England area with their new free compilation, 27 Tons of Metal New England. Consisting of 27 tracks, this compilation does a good job of representing the talent present in Massachusetts  and surrounding areas.

27 Tones of Metal New England

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Prior to my first listen, the info I found about Legion of Andromeda had me quite intrigued. A Tokyo based band described as noise, industrial, drone, doom metal definitely sounds like something I´d like. The album was recorded by sonic mastermind Steve Albini at his legendary Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago. Considering his resume through working with bands like Neurosis and High on Fire this should be sonically pleasing.

Legion of Andromeda Iron Scorn

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