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The Indian Metal Scene is something which is still in growing stages. Though metal as a form of art, is not widely accepted in this country, the number of people appreciating it, is on the rise. 2013 saw a lot of releases from bands hailing from different parts of the country. Though there weren’t as many big shows involving international acts as in 2012, the underground live scene is something that saw a phenomenal growth this year. This year also saw bands like Kryptos, Devoid and Inner Sanctum do various shows in Europe!

The following, are the albums that I consider to be the six best releases from the Indian Metal Scene in 2013. Note that, this is just my opinion and the albums are in no particular order. They were all equally impressive.

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Black Metal Krieg is India’s only event which caters exclusively to the genre of Black Metal, which is still in a growing stage in India. The band responsible for this dedicated black metal festival is the one  and only Stark Denial. 

Having successfully organised two editions of the event, Stark Denial is back and this time, they are bringing a legion of the country’s finest black metal bands to Black Metal Krieg 3. With barely a week left for the dark day, we had a chat with the band about the show and their upcoming EP.


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Stark Denial’s debut is a record that has been much awaited by hordes of Black Metal fans in India. This band who has been active in the scene since 2006, is one of the integral forces behind the Black Metal Krieg fest. After three years, and two editions of the gig, the third edition of Black Metal Krieg will also serve as the album release show for Stark Denial. Now, the question on everybody’s mind is, is the debut worth the long wait? Or does the expectations created by the wait itself, bog down the quality of this release?

SD Cover Art

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When it comes to the Indian Metal Scene, if there is one place where one can look for some quality, underground bands delivering some solid extreme metal, then that place would be the North East. This land of the hills has given rise to some of the big names in extreme metal like Alien Gods, IIIrd Sovereign, Agnostic, Dark Carnage etc. Plague Throat is one such band, which had been causing shock waves in the underground scene for quite some time. Now, it is the time for these underground mammoths to unleash their debut record. So how have they fared in this venture?

Plague Throat - Album Art

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In India, there are a not a lot of metal bands that play old school Thrash Metal. Mortar is a four piece from Kolkatta, India. They play no nonsense, straight forward Thrash Metal. Their debut EP, titled ‘Ground Zero’ was released on 9th February, 2013 through Incanned Productions.

Mortar EP Artwork

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