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The Japanese black thrash duo Abigail have been churning out dark, evil albeit fun records for over 20 years now. So when I noticed that frontman Yasuyuki Suzuki is putting out a new record under his side project Barbatos this year, I couldn’t help but get excited. Unfortunately ‘Straight Metal War’ isn’t quite what I expected it to be. Losing the blackened toned for a straight forward old school heavy metal approach, Barbatos tries to celebrate everything old school. But between the sloppy guitar work and the ridiculous vocals, this record comes off as a total mess.

Barbatos Straight Metal War

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When I had first received this recording I really had no idea of what grindcore is, luckily my computer broke, and I had time for some research. The first thing I noticed was that Sacrocurse did not waste anytime at all. As soon I hit play the blast beats started. Instantly I was taken from my peaceful abode and thrown into cacophonic assault. It made me understand the want for things to step back. Seeing how many of the other extreme metal bands had put the emphasis of their talents on technicality. It is refreshing to see that you don’t need to be the most proficient musician to make extreme metal.


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