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The warlords of heavy metal are back with quite a ferocious package!
With the kings of metal – Manowar, duh – seemingly going on pension (as if that’ll last) as of 2017, who will pick up the mantle as the supreme rulers of the realm? With a slew of brilliant albums behind them, the previous of which being the immortal opus ‘Triumph and Power’ from 2014, Grand Magus surely stand ready and are more than capable!


Grand Magus

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Led by thrash veteran Steve Smyth, well-known for his guitar duties in bands like Testament, Nevermore and many more, ‘The Final Cull’ is the second full-length release from One Machine, and the first to feature new vocalist Chris Hawkins. And after checking out some songs from their first album I wholeheartedly support their decision to get a new vocalist.

One Machine The Final Cull

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I feel that splits and EPs are quick and good ways for bands to put out materials on a regular basis, without having to go through the hassle of writing a full album. But from a listener and collector’s point of view, split CDs and EPs can be very hard to acquire. Case in point is the black / thrash / heavy metal trio from France, Manzer. This is a band that I enjoy and seeing them live was a really fun experience. But most of their material is in the form of splits and EPs that are hard to come by. I guess that’s why I appreciate the newest compilation from these guys so much. ‘Pictavian Chronicles’ is a good collection that documents the best of this band’s career.

Manzer Pictavian Chronicles

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The Japanese black thrash duo Abigail have been churning out dark, evil albeit fun records for over 20 years now. So when I noticed that frontman Yasuyuki Suzuki is putting out a new record under his side project Barbatos this year, I couldn’t help but get excited. Unfortunately ‘Straight Metal War’ isn’t quite what I expected it to be. Losing the blackened toned for a straight forward old school heavy metal approach, Barbatos tries to celebrate everything old school. But between the sloppy guitar work and the ridiculous vocals, this record comes off as a total mess.

Barbatos Straight Metal War

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It doesn’t feel too long ago that I first started here and reviewed my first album – ‘The Waystone’ by Kaine. Now, I have been fortunate enough to be contacted by one of Kaine’s band members to review their new single, ‘Justice Injustice’. Being a fan of this band as it is, with their typical NWOBHM sound, I was eager to get a hold of this single, and boy did it not disappoint.

Justice Injustice Artwork

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