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With a name like Hard Action, it isn’t hard to see what’s on offer here; simple, modern hard rock with a bit of a punk rock touch. Releasing their debut full length ‘Sinister Vibes’, this 12th June, everything about Hard Action is easy on the ears and the music is nostalgic.

Hard Action Sinister Vibes

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As much as the name suggests something, er, Plain, it is far from being so. This Norwegian four piece show that Hard Rock really is something to be paid attention to. Their unmistakable style of a thrash styled rock gives a one-two punch of recognisable vocals and ever changing musical sound. The lyrics and the delivery by them is pretty astounding, flicking between screams and clean vocals as easily and done as well as bands who use two vocalists such as Scar Symmetry and Ne Obliviscaris.

Plain Plain EP

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I had only heard of this band before, because of the underground hype after the release of their debut ‘Constantinople’ in 2012, but had yet to hear their music. They spent a lot of time touring after their debut was released, sharing stage with bands like Old Man Gloom, Neurosis, Boris, the Obsessed and Deafheaven. My initial interest was partly because of vocalist / bassist Sera Timms’ involvement with the brilliant but now defunct desert/doom rock outfit Black Math Horseman.Not that I expected a part two of that band, but I like to check out new projects when a band splits up.


I genuinely feel that modern hard rock bands have really upped the stakes with some very impressive music and some of them sound even better than the old 80’s hard rock bands in bringing the rock n roll feel with their music. Philadelphia’s hard-hitting power trio On Top is here to play rock n roll,  just have some fun, and I sure had my fun listening to them.


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When Megadeth named their new album Supercollider, I expected the album to surpass the previous two albums by them, namely Endgame and Thir13en. This expectation was only compounded by Dave Mustaine’s constant words that this was the best album that the band had ever recorded. But none of this prepared me for what Supercollider, really turned out to be.


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