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After a successful gig last year featuring the likes of Destruction and Rotting Christ, Bangalore Open Air returned stronger this year. Abandoning the previously seen one big show setting, the fourth edition of the festival featured a week of metal that ended in a huge, epic finale. From May 20th to June 5th, gigs were held across the city, focussing on one theme each night. These gigs brought out the best of the best in the Indian scene like Albatross, Stark Denial, 1833 AD, Primitiv, Dark Desolation, Escharified, Perforated Limb, Grossty, Kryptos, Eccentric Pendulum, Dirge etc. The week ended in a huge two stage concert that was headlined by grindcore giants Napalm Death, nefarious black metal horde Inquisition and blackened death dealers Belphegor. Supporting them were acts like Gutslit, Nauseate, Undying Inc, Escher’s Knot, Orator and Unwhole. Without saying as to how each performance panned out, I’m going to let our admin Gowthaman Jayapal’s photos of the event, do the talking.

Bangalore Open Air 2015


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This Zine has existed well over a year now. I would like to thank each and every viewer of this page for your continued support that has helped us to grow into what we are today.

Over the period we’ve been operating, we’ve received countless number of promos from underground bands seeking recognition for their work and talent. Looking at some of these artists, it’s a saddening fact that they dont get the level of attention that their skills deserve.  Our primary aim here, in Metal Gallows, is to put the spot light on such bands who’s music simply must be heard.

Death metal is a genre that lot of the promos we receive can be classified under. So for our first compilation, we’ve gathered 18 bands whose music truly phenomenal and must be heard by every fan of the genre. Now the bands here vary from traditional death metal to technical and progressive death metal, with everything in between. So without further ado, here’s Metal Gallows Death Metal Compilation Vol I:

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When someone mentions the brutal side of metal, India is not exactly the country that pops into one’s mind. The reason is that there are not many brutal death metal bands from India. The number of proper bands playing brutal stuff can be counted on a single hand. But however few these bands are in number, their music sure does pack a punch. Leading this legion of brutal death metal bands is the almighty Gutslit.  This band has been playing an active role in propagating this heavy art form since 2007. After releasing a split in 2009, the band’s much awaited debut full length is finally here! Was it worth the wait?


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