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Sound Awake is back with their third edition of Insurrection, a concert dedicated to all things Metal.

With its second edition comprising of bands like Shepherd, Orchid, Nihilus, Trojan Horse, Dark Desolation and Neolithic Silence, the festival has made a name for itself, bringing some of South India’s most brutal bands together. The third edition crosses the boundaries of the second, bringing down an international bands. The event is a mixed bag, consisting of a variety of genres ranging from ear shattering grind to mellow prog.


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These days, metal bands try too hard to stand out in an already overcrowded genre. They try to be more brutal, more technical and more dark, that in the process their albums become a type of a serious affair. In such a time, perhaps the only way to stand out is to let go of the usual conventions and just have fun with the music. That is a concept well understood by Bangalore based grind band, Grossty, as illustrated in the band’s self titled debut. By being random, the band has crafted for itself, a sound that can be instantly associated with them.


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Urban Dictionary defines Grossty as something which “Describes something so revolting in nature that the words gross or nasty alone would not be enough”.

Grossty have grown up in the grind hub of Asia-Bangalore. Their music is unpredictable and fun, and that’s what sets it apart from others. The band is scheduled to play at the Transcending Obscurity Fest along with bands like Albatross, Djinn & Miskatonic , Fragarak ,Gutslit, Insane Prophecy ,Cosmic Infusion, Orion and Stark Denial
We had a little chat with them before the gig:

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