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At the initial listen, I was intrigued by the sound of Pakistan based Realm Unseen’s ‘The Origin’– with its phone call start and to be startled by the following track and its start. It works as a concept, as the intro plays it so that the startling is one that can be seemingly justified.

album cover

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When I first started out listening to heavy metal,  I used to buy loads of magazines like Metal Hammer, Rock Street Journal etc., partly due to the compilations such magazines offered. These compilations and album samplers often pointed me in the directions of bands I liked and were a great source for finding new material before the bandcamp era. So it is good to see compilations still being relevant today. Following last year’s ‘Operation: Underground’ compilation, Bluntface Records turn their focus towards the metal talent in the New England area with their new free compilation, 27 Tons of Metal New England. Consisting of 27 tracks, this compilation does a good job of representing the talent present in Massachusetts  and surrounding areas.

27 Tones of Metal New England

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Metal as a genre has always had a macho image attached to it. Though it may not be true with every sub genre out there, when metal as a whole is viewed from a common man’s perspective, there is certainly a certain degree of machismo attached to it. And then there are bands that go ahead and embrace this tough guy image. This trend saw a rise with the explosion of Pantera and the 90’s groove / thrash metal movement. And at that point in time, I did enjoy the occasional groove band, with its ‘mightier than thou’ attitude. Then as I grew up, my tastes expanded and groove / thrash metal bands have been pushed way back in my choice of music. So it is kinda nice to revisit the genre with Stab.Twist.Pull’s latest full length, ‘Lifeline’. Listening to this record reminds me of all the reasons I liked this sub genre of metal, while also bringing to mind why I moved on.

Stab.Twist.Pull Lifeline

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According to Indian mythology, Narkasur was the Asura (demon) son of Goddess Bhumadevi, who got so power drunk that the conquered both Earth and the heavens. In today’s context, the name Narkasur is adopted by a band of four young lads from Mumbai, who seem to be channelling their namesake’s power through some vicious groove / thrash metal.

These guys are known to conquer any competition they show up at and now the band is getting ready to conquer a brand new venue at the upcoming Thunderstorm gig in Thane. We spoke to the lads and here’s what they had to say…


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Zygnema. If any Mumbai metalhead hears this name, instantly he brandishes his horns and yells “ZYGNEMAAA!”. Whenever they perform at any local venue, scores of people turn up (some not even metalheads), to mosh, gloat and bask in the glory of these Mumbai titans. Many bands have tried to ape their  music and style, to much avail. Such is the power of Zygnema, Mumbai’s first premier  groove metal export.


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