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Off late, I’ve been going through this spell of lethargy where I don’t feel compelled to write about anything that I listen to. Lucky for me, I came across Tanned Christ and it is just what the doctor prescribed. The non stop barrage of eclectic grindcore featured on the band’s second full length ‘Antipodean Sickness’ is the perfect cure to my laziness.  The music is challenging, weird and is totally out of left field. And being a grindcore album, lack of attention results in the album zipping by in an instant, without the listener realising what happened. In fact, in the first few spins of the record, I found myself barely hanging on. Repeated attempts helps in appreciating the nuances and it is a rewarding experience.

Tanned Christ Antipodean Sickness

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The competition that exists between metal bands to be the fastest, most brutal and heaviest, can often be mundane and trivial. But sometimes, this competition gives rise to some fun output. Take the case of Subterror for example. This Brazilian trio’s debut, title ‘Antropomortum’ is a record that sticks to the usual ideas seen in death metal. The execution of it, however, makes this one of those albums that gets played over and over, because it is infectious fun. The crust punk elements that are added to the death metal here, makes Subterror sound like a grinding version of Bolt Thrower.

Subterror Antropomortum

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I’ve heard about Fuck the Facts a lot over the years, but I never truly gave them a listen. That is until I came across their upcoming full length on Noise Salvation, titled ‘Desire Will Rot’. After listen to this album, I am kicking myself for not having listened to any of their previous material. These Canadians manage to break a lot of stereotypes with this release. For one, the music in no way represents politness that the Canucks are most often associated with. Speaking of the music, it is hard hitting grindcore with the band showing some progressive and experimental tendencies.

Fuck the Facts Desire Will Rot

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When it comes to sick and twisted music, grindcore is my favourite go to genre. With all the grindcore that I listen to, I feel that most of them don’t have the stay power. When it comes to music that is always coked up on speed and drowned in anger, it is often the case that the tracks zip by, as the listener is still reeling from the impact. The reason I enjoy Nervous Impulse’s ‘Time to Panic’ is due to the fact that these Canadians know how to infect the listener’s mind with their music.The chaotic deathgrind that is on offer here has the staying power that most of the band’s peers lack.

Nervous Impulse Time to Panic

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The album art for Organ Dealer’s debut full length ‘Visceral Infection’ does the perfect job of summarizing the effects of the music contained in the album. The music rips the listener’s face off! Based out of New Jersey, this five piece delivers a hard hitting, high energy grindcore album that rips out riff after cacophonous riff. The debut effort is one that proves without a doubt as to how bat shit crazy Organ Dealer is. Bringing in a bit of technicality, elements from death metal and powerviolence, this one is a 21 minute ride that will leave the listener battered and hungry for more.

Organ Dealer Visceral Infection

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