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The resurgence of grindcore as a style has been going strong over the past few years. Bands these days continue to push the boundaries of the potential held by grindcore as a genre, often by bringing in avant-garde and unconventional influences into the mix. And then there are bands that continue to stay true to the core essence while still managing to create fresh sounds. Relapse Records has been a good proponent of such grind acts that manage to bring something refreshing to the table with every offering and The Drip is a continuation of that trend. This five piece from the Pacific Northwest of the US, have already been making waves and establishing themselves as a grind force to reckon with by releasing the three EP’s prior to this release. Their first full length ‘The Haunting Fear of Inevitability’ manages to surpass everything they’ve done so far and is set to be a record that is going to put The Drip on many people’s radars.

The Drip

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Last year, Dendritic Arbor landed on many people’s radars with not just one, but two fantastic releases. Then again Dendritic Arbor is not your everyday, run of the mill metal band and their music sets them quite apart from the crowd. Combining the harshest elements of black metal, grindcore and noise, the band manages to create music that is extremely abrasive and yet cohesive at the same time. The two releases they had last year, ‘Romantic Love’ and ‘Sentient Village // Obsolecent Garden’ EP are a collection of well written and layered tracks. The grindcore / black metal tracks have something new to reveal in each listen and the unrelenting sonic attack seems to be brimming with seething anger from the band’s side.

After listening to these albums multiple time, I knew I had to talk to the band and we went ahead and did just that. The guitarist / vocalist Adam Henderson and bassist Tom Bittner took the time to answer my questions and here’s how it went.


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It’s quite surprising that we made it to 2016 in one piece. 2015 turned out to be a huge downer of a year with so many tragedies marking the highlights and on a personal front too, it was a tasking period. But speaking purely in terms of metal releases, 2015 is easily one of the best years with chock full of releases spanning the entire metal spectrum. Picking out the top releases in such a year is a task that is easier said than done. For last year’s list, we did a countdown of the ten records which I felt were the best. This time though, the list has been expanded to include 15 albums and the albums are not numbered. The reason behind this, is that each of these albums is as good as the other and the numbering should not be indicative of the quality of the album. With that in mind, here is what made 2015 so memorable in my opinion.


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“We have overstayed our welcome. We have extended our hand of demise to our earthly mother, and we should all be ashamed.” – so reads the Facebook page of Pennsylvania based noise mongers, Dendritic Arbor. This is the kind of misanthropy that resonates deeply with me and even before hitting play, I knew I had found something special. All the built up hate and anger seems to have spilled over into the band’s music. The band’s debut full length, ‘Romantic Love’ on Grimoire Records and the upcoming follow up EP titled ‘Sentient Village / Obsolescent Garden’ are hands down some of the most extreme sounding records to come out this year.

Dendritic Arbor

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