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The initial vigour that black metal started out with, seems to have diminished over the ages and the various ways in which this genre has branched out, has taken the music in different directions while abandoning the evil and occult appeal that black metal initially possessed. A very few bands continue to keep it abrasive outside the “war metal” subculture and Primeval Mass from Greece, is one such name that continues make black metal that sounds evil, twisted and dangerous. The band’s approach to this style abandons much of the frills added by imitators and drag the music, kicking and screaming, back into the realms of darkness. ‘To Empyrean Thrones’ is the band’s third full length, released on Katoptron IX Records, that continues to see the band progress with the ideas of furious and chaotic black metal, established by the first couple of releases.

Primeval Mass To Empyrean Thrones

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When the second wave of black metal exploded in the early 90’s, black metal bands were popping up around every part of the world and needless to say, a lot of talented bands slipped under the radar of the general populous. One such band is the Greek black metal band Necromantia, who released two splendid records in the 90’s. Their debut, ‘Crossing the Fiery Path’ set the stage with an approach to black metal that took at lot of queues from traditional heavy metal. This album also introduced the world to the concept of a rhythm section composed of an 8-string bass in place of a traditional guitar. These ideas would be polished and improved upon and it wasn’t until 1995, that Necromantia released their magnum opus, ‘Scarlet Evil Witching Black’ which saw the band materialize their out of the box ideas with excellence and flair.

Necromantia Scarlet Evil Witching Black

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Last year, I came across this band from Athens, Greece called Sorrows Path and I went on to review their debut full length released in 2010. Ever since, I’ve been looking forward to the follow up and it’s finally here. Sorrows Path have finally come out with the second full length titled ‘Doom Philosophy’. For those who are unaware, this is band that unfortunately has experienced the doom first hand with their tragic history which includes the death of former members of the band. What these guys have gone through in real life, they manage to voice it out in the form of their music and they are quite good in doing so.

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Once more the Hellenic hordes are massing with the intent of bombarding the world in sulphur! Welcome to the Principality of Hell and prepare for some ‘Fire & Brimstone’. In the words of this fiery trio, Principality of Hell are “A band dedicated to the old black / thrash metal spirit of early Vemon, Celtic Frost, Bathory and Sodom and this release doesn’t dissapoint!


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Punishment 18 Records have been signing up great underground thrash bands in the last few years and lots of quality thrash albums have been released in recent times by these bands. Now,  here come these Greek thrashers Chronosphere under the same umbrella with their 2nd album.


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