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Diving into the wretched sea of goregrind, listeners can expect one of two things: music that pushes the human experience to the extreme limits, talking about things that are often considered taboo, or music that is self aware and makes fun of itself and the style in general. This dichotomy of goregrind offers an interesting insight into the genre and is not something that most other styles exhibit. Regardless of the tone in which it is delivered, the subject remains vile and filthy, making it a style that is not everyone’s cup of tea.

For the purpose of this article, two goregrind bands are put under the microscope and though both share a lot of things in common, they’re the polar opposites of what this style of music has to offer.


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When bands like Carcass, Impetigo and Repulsion first integrated gore imagery into their grindcore sound, they set into motion the genre that we today refer to as goregrind. Since then, the number of bands trying to imitate them has never seen a dip in its numbers. Abundant as these bands were, they direly lack something that the masters of the genre possessed; good songwriting skills. Most of these bands were gory for the sake of it and the end results often sounded like a gimmick. The bad production quality did nothing to make these bands sound any better either. This is where the French goregrind entity known as Putrid Offal comes in. Though they’ve been around since the dawn of the 90’s, their presence in the scene was characterized only by a few splits and an EP. But now, 25 years after their inception, the fans finally get to sink their teeth into a proper full length by this band, which is titled ‘Mature Necropsy’ and is out on Kaotoxin Records.

Putrid Offal Mature Necropsy

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Grindcore and long albums is not really the ideal formula for success. While grind bands are adept at making shot bursts of songs and shock and awe the listener, doing the same for 40 odd minutes is not possible by everyone. ‘Rising Sun Carnage’ by Jig-Ai, clocking in at 40 minutes is an exception. The Czech gore lords return with their 3rd full length, which is sizzling pot of gore, grind, death and twisted humor.

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