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When one looks at a band that has had a career spanning more than a decade, their most recent album often sounds very different from their debut in terms of style. And then there are bands like Horna from Finland, who hold down a level of consistency in their music. Only a few changes here and there are present in this band’s career and these differences aside, the music has stayed pretty much the same. A supergroup of sorts, containing members from Sargeist, Sotajumala, Behexen and Slave’s Mask, Horna recently released their 9th full length ‘Hengen Tulet’ on W.T.C. Productions. 

Horna Hengen Tulet

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The information and write ups that come as a part of an album promo package, usually contain superlative description of the album. Every promo I get, I try to imagine the sound of the band in my head before even listening to it. So reading the words “music that is straightforward and as brutal as possible” on the promo for Finnish death grinders Carnalation’s ‘Ghosts’, I imagined stripped down deathgrind with the intention of smashing skulls. What actually manifests on the album, however, is a bit more intelligent that I originally anticipated. There is truth in the word “brutal” though. Alongside brutality, some non conventional song writing is also present


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I could throw in some random anecdote here about the history of the Finnish metal scene, but I´d rather just mention that so far this decade Finland has shown new strength with a wave of great psychedelic influenced metal bands and the new full-length from Domovoyd is further proof that the Finns knows how to make trippy metal.

Domovoyd Domovoyd

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With a name like Hard Action, it isn’t hard to see what’s on offer here; simple, modern hard rock with a bit of a punk rock touch. Releasing their debut full length ‘Sinister Vibes’, this 12th June, everything about Hard Action is easy on the ears and the music is nostalgic.

Hard Action Sinister Vibes

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Though I enjoy both old school and modern incarnations of metal, more often that not, I find myself unable to enjoy a record because of it’s modern nature. Case in point is the new Forgotten Horror release, ‘Aeon of the Shadow Goddess’. These Finns play a blackened form of modern death metal with frills of keyboards and melodies. And it is these frills that stop me from wholly enjoying this album.

Forgotten Horro Aeon of the Shadow Goddess

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