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“Art for the sake of art is an empty phrase”. This is something that is lost on so many bands today. While there are bands out there that are furthering the genre of metal, the evolutionary curve of the genre seems to have plateaued out a bit in recent times. Perhaps this is the reason I swing more towards bands like Markradonn. An experimental death metal band from Florida, Markradonn’s music is one that does not pander to the lowest common denominator. When they released their début EP, ‘Final Dying Breath’ back in 2013, it came out of nowhere and steered me towards some of the more ballsy music out there. The way this band mixes brass music, timpani and ethnic percussion with extreme metal is something that has rarely been attempted in metal before. While the first album introduced this concept, the real challenge to take this idea forward and creating more with it. That is exactly what we get in the band’s second EP, ‘The Serpentine Deception’. Markradonn take something they’ve established and expand upon the ideas to create something that is still rooted in the ideas of the first release, but managing to sound fresh at the same time.

Markradonn The Serpentine Deception

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Before I start, you should probably know that I’m not the right person to talk to about electronic music. I never found the appeal in those computer generated sounds and my knowledge about the same is very limited. However, I do enjoy a few electronic acts that sound good to me and I also enjoy music where there are electronic elements in the mix. One such album that I am liking right now is the solo debut of Erik Dismembered. Erik is the man behind Critical Dismemberment and he recently became of part of Skin Drone too. Released on Bluntface Records, ‘Darkness Within’ is not exactly a death metal record like his bands. Actually, it’s hard to consider it as a metal album at all. What it is though is an emotionally driven record that has everything from thumping electro beats to calm acoustic segments.

Erik Dismembered Darkness Within

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