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It becomes a tough task to review an album under two circumstances. The first is when the record is jaw droppingly amazing, that it becomes hard to put into words the experience of listening to that album. The second, as is the case with Sloth.’s new full length, is when the record is so repetitive that the music kind of melds together in your mind, making it hard to describe. The title, ‘Slow as Shit’ does a good job in warning the listener of the contents of the record. It’s not that the music itself is bad, but the fact that there is not much in terms of variety or innovation makes this record hardly enjoyable.

Sloth. Slow as Sh*t

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When Indian stoner doom purveyors Bevar Sea released their debut album back in 2012, it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable records to come out of the Indian scene at that point. Filled to the brim with riffs that stuck with the listener, the band amassed fans from all over the country and around the world. The popularity of the record was made evident during their live shows, where the entire audience would hum along to the riffs and sing the lyrics in unison, making the vocalist’s job redundant. So it is natural that the follow up to such a debut be met with sky high expectations. The band’s second full length ‘Invoke the Bizarre’ sees the band shift away from hooky 70’s rock inspired riffs and deeper into traditional stoner doom territory. Regardless of the change in course, Bevar Sea manage to come up with a record that grows on the listener like a potent, yet slow hitting strain of kush.

Bevar Sea Invoke the Bizarre

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There seems to exist a weird fascination for monoliths among doom metal bands. With various sludge and doom metal bands talking about monoliths in their songs and a few bands sharing that name, this affinity between the two has existed for a while now. May be the sonic weight of doom riffs takes inspiration from the actual weight of monoliths. Or maybe the connection is based more on the mystifying aspect surrounding monolith as shown by H.P. Lovecraft  in ‘Dagon’. Here we have a band called Behold! The Monolith and they play, sludge / doom metal. But unlike most of their peers, they don’t merely play music that is slow, heavy and crushing. On their third full length, ‘Architects of the Void’, they twist and bend the doom genre by incorporating elements from polarizing sub genres like thrash metal.

Behold! The Monolith Architects of the Void

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‘Cold’ is the second EP by progressive sludge outfit OHHMS.  OHHMS’s critically acclaimed EP ‘Gloom’ showcased a mix of post-metal, sludge, psych and stoner metal. Here, OHHMS experiment with the addition of a lot of new psychedelic and stoner elements.  The EP consists of two tracks, spanning a total of 33 minutes.


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When I first started out listening to heavy metal,  I used to buy loads of magazines like Metal Hammer, Rock Street Journal etc., partly due to the compilations such magazines offered. These compilations and album samplers often pointed me in the directions of bands I liked and were a great source for finding new material before the bandcamp era. So it is good to see compilations still being relevant today. Following last year’s ‘Operation: Underground’ compilation, Bluntface Records turn their focus towards the metal talent in the New England area with their new free compilation, 27 Tons of Metal New England. Consisting of 27 tracks, this compilation does a good job of representing the talent present in Massachusetts  and surrounding areas.

27 Tones of Metal New England

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