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 Djinn and Miskatonic is a doom metal band from Bangalore, India. Formed in 2011 by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy (ex – Bevar Sea), the band is quickly becoming one of the standout doom acts to come out of India. They play music that is slow, heavy and down-tuned, which is typical of their genre, but stray off the beaten path by being more bass driven and groovy. The quality of their first release – ‘Forever in the Realm’ (2013), which was well received by the (small) doom base in India – indicates that the band packs a lot of punch, and that listeners can set high expectations for their future releases. Their second album , is set to be released in December 2014.

We spoke to founding member and bassist, Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, as the quartet gets ready to share stage with bands like Chaos, Albatross, Orion, Zero Gravity, Winter Gate, Trinergic and Gaias Throne at the upcoming Catatonia Fest by Transcending Obscurity.

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Sound Awake is back with their third edition of Insurrection, a concert dedicated to all things Metal.

With its second edition comprising of bands like Shepherd, Orchid, Nihilus, Trojan Horse, Dark Desolation and Neolithic Silence, the festival has made a name for itself, bringing some of South India’s most brutal bands together. The third edition crosses the boundaries of the second, bringing down an international bands. The event is a mixed bag, consisting of a variety of genres ranging from ear shattering grind to mellow prog.


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H.P.Lovecraft was a man who, during his time was terribly under appreciated. It was only after his death, that his true genius was recognized and respected. Titled the Edgar Allen Poe of the 20th century, H.P.Lovecraft was instrumental in shaping up the genre of horror with his works which dealt with themes like occult, supernatural and extra terrestrial elements in such a way that they were clumped together under a broader classification called Lovecraftian horror. He not only inspired a multitude of writers, but his influence is also seen to play a major role in many of today’s metal bands. From early bands like Black Sabbath, to modern bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, all have gained inspiration from Lovecraft in one way or the other. The Indian metal scene is not far behind in this aspect. Djinn & Miskatonic from Bangalore, have a penchant for Lovecraftian Horror as exhibited in their latest studio release.

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