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When it comes to sick and twisted music, grindcore is my favourite go to genre. With all the grindcore that I listen to, I feel that most of them don’t have the stay power. When it comes to music that is always coked up on speed and drowned in anger, it is often the case that the tracks zip by, as the listener is still reeling from the impact. The reason I enjoy Nervous Impulse’s ‘Time to Panic’ is due to the fact that these Canadians know how to infect the listener’s mind with their music.The chaotic deathgrind that is on offer here has the staying power that most of the band’s peers lack.

Nervous Impulse Time to Panic

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The information and write ups that come as a part of an album promo package, usually contain superlative description of the album. Every promo I get, I try to imagine the sound of the band in my head before even listening to it. So reading the words “music that is straightforward and as brutal as possible” on the promo for Finnish death grinders Carnalation’s ‘Ghosts’, I imagined stripped down deathgrind with the intention of smashing skulls. What actually manifests on the album, however, is a bit more intelligent that I originally anticipated. There is truth in the word “brutal” though. Alongside brutality, some non conventional song writing is also present


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A reviewer’s life is a tough one. “Oh sure! It must be so hard to sit and pass judgements on albums you clearly don’t have the skill to make”, is probably what is going on in your mind after reading that first sentence. While it is true that we get to voice our opinions more vocally than most, we rarely get to enjoy the albums we like. In the pursuit to keep up with the sheer volume of releases each month, we barely get to revisit albums that we loved once upon a time. So, in order to give myself an excuse to revisit albums from the past, I present ‘Retrosepctive Reviews’.

Now, what better way to start this series than looking at an album that redefined the sound of one of the most iconic bands of our times, Napalm Death. ‘Harmony Corruption’, the band’s third full length, turns 25 next month. This is an album that saw the godfathers of grind embrace the Floridian death metal sound that was exploding in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Another reason why this is an important release in the band’s career is because it gave Napalm Death their voice in the form of Mark “Barney” Greenway and the riff masters Mitch Harris and Jesse Pintado. When I initially heard this album for the first time, I was in my death metal phase where I enjoyed everything that sounded old school and Floridian. So naturally, this album was a godsend to me. Looking back at this album now, after spending a lot of my time listening to proper grindcore, it’s like looking at the album in a new light.


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2013 is drawing to an end and thanks to this webzine, I had the opportunity to check a lot of underground bands that I normally wouldn’t have listened to. It is quite surprising how sometimes a band can be so talented and yet remain so underrated and unknown. I can quote a lot of bands like that, which I discovered this year. The latest addition to that list is the London based Death Metal / Grindcore outfit called Meat Train.

cover (1)

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It is not very often that I get obsessed over a band after just listening to their debut. But once in a blue moon, there comes a band whose capabilities are projected with sheer brilliance in their very first album. This is especially rare in a genre like Death Metal where all ideas seems to have been tried and there is a lack for fresh input. Surprisingly though, German DeathGrind band Mental Killing Spree manage to keep it fresh though their ideas have been heard before.


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