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Canadian four-piece Iskra, make use of the black metal / crust punk template to issue one of the most savage statements against capitalism in recent times. The band’s third full length titled ‘Ruins’ was initially released back in 2015. It’s a good thing that Southern Lord Recordings are reissuing this album this year, as this album deserves more attention. The music is absolutely vicious in it’s intensity and rarely do Iskra let up during the course of the record. Right from the start, the abrasiveness is set to 11, making this an album not for the fainthearted.


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The beauty about music is that there is always a band that pave new paths in styles that people generally assume, has no more avenues for innovation. Atrament from USA do just that with their debut ‘Eternal Downfall’ and the style they choose is d-beat punk. This is a type of music that is generally thought to be monotonous, owing to the consistency in rhythm. However, Atrament take it upon themselves to make d-beat sound fresh again and with their venomous combination of black metal and death metal riffs, the band makes the listener forget limitations posed by sub genres. Within a span of 30 odd minutes, Atrament pack more than enough riffs that compete with each other to be the most scathing.

Atrament Eternal Downfall

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It’s quite surprising that we made it to 2016 in one piece. 2015 turned out to be a huge downer of a year with so many tragedies marking the highlights and on a personal front too, it was a tasking period. But speaking purely in terms of metal releases, 2015 is easily one of the best years with chock full of releases spanning the entire metal spectrum. Picking out the top releases in such a year is a task that is easier said than done. For last year’s list, we did a countdown of the ten records which I felt were the best. This time though, the list has been expanded to include 15 albums and the albums are not numbered. The reason behind this, is that each of these albums is as good as the other and the numbering should not be indicative of the quality of the album. With that in mind, here is what made 2015 so memorable in my opinion.


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Have you ever been in a situation where you’re all excited for a massive alcohol fuelled orgy with good ol’ Lucifer and the gang, but you can’t decide which album to spin? Then, I highly recommend UK based Wolfbastard’s self titled debut on UKEM Record. This filthy combination of black metal and crust punk is absolutely ideal for the situation. The record tosses the listener into 21 minutes of black metal meets d-beat frenzy. Wolfbastard’s music can be described as a rawer and more punky version of Impaled Nazarene. 


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The competition that exists between metal bands to be the fastest, most brutal and heaviest, can often be mundane and trivial. But sometimes, this competition gives rise to some fun output. Take the case of Subterror for example. This Brazilian trio’s debut, title ‘Antropomortum’ is a record that sticks to the usual ideas seen in death metal. The execution of it, however, makes this one of those albums that gets played over and over, because it is infectious fun. The crust punk elements that are added to the death metal here, makes Subterror sound like a grinding version of Bolt Thrower.

Subterror Antropomortum

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