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A few weeks ago, we had covered the recent re-release from The Whorehouse Massacre, out on Transcending Obscurity, titled ‘Altar of the Goat Skull / VI’ (read here). This release perfectly showcases the band’s ability to write grimy, down tuned riffs that can make the listener uncomfortable just with the music. The writing on this album was so interesting and entertaining that talking to the people behind the music became a must for me. Now, thanks to Transcending Obscurity, we got the chance to ask The Whorehouse Massacre a few questions and here’s what resulted..

The Whorehouse Massacre

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In today’s fast growing world where the attention span of the average human being is ever shrinking, a band faces a higher chance of fading away into obscurity. Sometimes the band in question may not have the required skill or dedication to get recognized. But there are times when a band has got the talent in abundance and yet they vanish without getting the due recognition. This is where labels like Transcending Obscurity come in. Labels like these find such diamonds in the rough and turn the spotlight towards them so that they shine. And for that, I hold them in the highest regard. One of Transcending Obscurity’s recent unearthing is a little known beast from British Columbia, Canada who go by the name The Whorehouse Massacre.

The Whorehouse Massace Altar of the Goat Skull VI

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Back in my early years of getting into heavy music, the attitude and rebellious nature of punk rock had a greater influence on me than heavy metal did. Over the years though, the small number of punk bands still operating weren’t enough to satisfy my hunger and thus began my foray into heavy metal and its sub genres. Listening to Ottawa, Canada based Zex reminds me of those moments where I stood pumping my clenched fist in the air, shouting along to the chorus sections of many a punk band. Their debut ‘Fight for Yourself’ tips a hat to the late 70’s punk culture while at the same time subscribing to the pop catchiness.

Zex Fight for Yourself

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Such an invigorating sound masked in a tone of great inner emotion that gives deliverance to those treading the path of doom. Protokult is a Toronto based folk / pagan metal band. ‘No Beer In Heaven’ is definitely a palette of peaceful ambient melody and vibrant folk elements coupled with brilliant production and solid layers of artistic yet heavy guitar, bass and drums. Having said that, the band mainly portrays an ambiance of celebration and soothing ceremonial gatherings where folks frolic and men of old tell tales of their adventures as they wait at death’s door. Some of the songs also possess a hint of darkness that show signs of origins from darker roots of pagan / black metal.

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Power metal is a subgenre widely known for its playful flirtation with fantasy related themes and imagery. As with most fantasy related art, the success lies in finding the balance between cheerful exaggeration and affecting embellishment. On ‘Kings Among Men’, Crimson Shadows deftly maintains this balance while channeling the musical imprints of bands ranging from Dragonforce to Amon Amarth.


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