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Often times I find myself giving up completely on certain sub genres and then I end up listening to one album that gets me hooked again. I thought I had given up on the genre of brutal death metal and it’s horde of dumbed down slam bands. That perception got destroyed with the very first spin of Carnivorous Voracity’s debut full length, ‘The Impious Doctrine’. This record is not a revelation in this tried and tested genre. Rather, it’s a statement that music can be made to sound viciously brutal without packing in slam after intolerable slam.

Carnivorous Voracity The Impious Doctrine

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When speaking about brutal death metal, very few names from the UK come to mind while it’s transatlantic neighbour boasts way too many names to count. Apart from a few bands like Amputated and Cerebral Bore, I haven’t really come across death metal of the brutal variety from this part of the world. So when Dawn of Chaos’s first and only full length in 15 years, ‘The Need to Feed’ landed in my inbox, I had to check it out. While some may argue that this album is not truly brutal death metal, the elements of brutality and gore are ever present. What sets this band apart though, is the way they marry Bolt Thrower like hooky riffs, dissonant melody and brutal death metal elements, to create a hybrid sound that is familiar yet fresh.

Dawn of Chaos The Need to Feed

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I remember the times when I used to listen to every other album that had the tag brutal death metal attached to it. That was when I first stumbled across the sick world of slam. Today though, I keep my eyes out only for a very few bands of this type. This style of metal quickly lost its allure with every other band just stringing slams together, showing barely little sign of innovation. But one of the albums that I did wait for is Kraanium’s ‘Chronicles  of Perversion’. This is mainly because I remember having so much fun listening to their previous release, the fantastic ‘Post Mortal Coital Fixation’. The Norwegians have followed it up pretty well with their upcoming release.

Kraanium Chronicles of Perversion

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We all have a side to us where sometimes we just crave aggressiveness and unrelenting brutality in our music. These are the times when brutal death metal bands come in handy. In today’s scene, the listener is spoilt for choice as the sheer number of brutal death bands have only grown in number over the past years. The latest addition to the barrage of albums of this variety is ‘Observations of Humanity’ by the long standing band Coathanger Abortion from Tennessee, USA. It is a tough task to make an album that stands out in a very competitive market. Unfortunately in this case, the band’s recently released second full length only goes to show that the band still has a long way to go.

Coathanger Abortion Observations of Humanity

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The genre of metal is very diverse. It is so diverse that one can spend 10 minutes of one’s life either listening to a single doom metal track, or an entire grindcore album.  If you are one to choose the latter option, then Hrust Kostilyo’s latest EP, ‘Degradation, Manipulation, Mobilization’ might be the album you’re looking for. These Russians deliver 10  dissentient  tracks in a little above 10 minutes and they do it with absolute brutality.

Hrust Kostilyo Degradation Manipulation Mobilization

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