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The competition that exists between metal bands to be the fastest, most brutal and heaviest, can often be mundane and trivial. But sometimes, this competition gives rise to some fun output. Take the case of Subterror for example. This Brazilian trio’s debut, title ‘Antropomortum’ is a record that sticks to the usual ideas seen in death metal. The execution of it, however, makes this one of those albums that gets played over and over, because it is infectious fun. The crust punk elements that are added to the death metal here, makes Subterror sound like a grinding version of Bolt Thrower.

Subterror Antropomortum

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Kriver, a five piece band hailing from Brazil, seems to have pulled off the combination of power and death together so well, that it inspired me to write about it! It is definitely strange to see elements of death metal in a power metal band, some of us would think of it as a musical abomination, but let me clear this up. Kriver has executed this mix to excellent proportions. The songs still hold the true essence of power metal with touches of death vocals which make it nothing but fiercer. The vocalist does a mighty job with a very mighty voice, his medieval ballad style singing truly is amazing!

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The world may not lack one man black metal bands, but I think its fair to say that there’s far between the really good ones. Countless horrendous recordings of generic “heard it a thousand times before” black metal are spewed out every year. Fortunately Despot’s debut, ‘Satan in the Death Row’, isn’t one of them.


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Brazil has remained one of the favourite place for all the thrash fans across the globe for the quality and the number of thrash bands that have emerged from this football crazy country. Woslom is another one of those bands which keeps the thrash flag high in the continent and has managed to create its own identity in the midst of the emergence of the dozens of thrash bands with each passing day. Over the years after listening to dozens of the thrash bands, I realize that thrash metal has more flavour and variety to it than most people recognise. Woslom gives you that different flavour of thrash not commonly heard these days, and its not a bad one by any means!


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