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It’s funny how the human’s race vision for the future gets more and more bleak with advancement in technology. It seems counter-intuitive, but the more industrially advanced the race becomes, the more likely it is to have a dystopian future. Perhaps that is the reason industrial metal lends itself so well for a sci-fi tale of dystopia. Massachusetts based industrial metal duo Isolated Antagonist have been able to leverage their music to tell tales of what might be our future. The story continues in the band’s latest offering, ‘Affirmation of Entropy’. Musically, the band  plays industrial metal in the vein of early Fear Factory, Die Krupps, Godflesh and the likes. To the standard industrial metal template, Isolated Antagonist add elements of death metal and atmospheric melody to create something they can call their own.

Isolated Antagonist Affirmation of Entropy

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When I first started out listening to heavy metal,  I used to buy loads of magazines like Metal Hammer, Rock Street Journal etc., partly due to the compilations such magazines offered. These compilations and album samplers often pointed me in the directions of bands I liked and were a great source for finding new material before the bandcamp era. So it is good to see compilations still being relevant today. Following last year’s ‘Operation: Underground’ compilation, Bluntface Records turn their focus towards the metal talent in the New England area with their new free compilation, 27 Tons of Metal New England. Consisting of 27 tracks, this compilation does a good job of representing the talent present in Massachusetts  and surrounding areas.

27 Tones of Metal New England

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Before I start, you should probably know that I’m not the right person to talk to about electronic music. I never found the appeal in those computer generated sounds and my knowledge about the same is very limited. However, I do enjoy a few electronic acts that sound good to me and I also enjoy music where there are electronic elements in the mix. One such album that I am liking right now is the solo debut of Erik Dismembered. Erik is the man behind Critical Dismemberment and he recently became of part of Skin Drone too. Released on Bluntface Records, ‘Darkness Within’ is not exactly a death metal record like his bands. Actually, it’s hard to consider it as a metal album at all. What it is though is an emotionally driven record that has everything from thumping electro beats to calm acoustic segments.

Erik Dismembered Darkness Within

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If I were to behave like one of those online keyboard warriors who are obsessive about getting a genre right, I would probably call this album industrial blackened death nintendocore. But I’m not gonna do that. Bluntface Records once again offer a genre bending release in the form of Arkansas, USA based two piece Critical Dismemberment’s latest output, ‘Feel my Wrath and Tremble’. If your familiar with this label, then you know you’re in for music that you simply cannot nail down under one genre label. What Critical Dismemberment exhibit here is blackened death metal with a healthy dose of electronic elements and a production that gives it a very industrial feel.

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This Zine has existed well over a year now. I would like to thank each and every viewer of this page for your continued support that has helped us to grow into what we are today.

Over the period we’ve been operating, we’ve received countless number of promos from underground bands seeking recognition for their work and talent. Looking at some of these artists, it’s a saddening fact that they dont get the level of attention that their skills deserve.  Our primary aim here, in Metal Gallows, is to put the spot light on such bands who’s music simply must be heard.

Death metal is a genre that lot of the promos we receive can be classified under. So for our first compilation, we’ve gathered 18 bands whose music truly phenomenal and must be heard by every fan of the genre. Now the bands here vary from traditional death metal to technical and progressive death metal, with everything in between. So without further ado, here’s Metal Gallows Death Metal Compilation Vol I:

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