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When it comes to sick and twisted music, grindcore is my favourite go to genre. With all the grindcore that I listen to, I feel that most of them don’t have the stay power. When it comes to music that is always coked up on speed and drowned in anger, it is often the case that the tracks zip by, as the listener is still reeling from the impact. The reason I enjoy Nervous Impulse’s ‘Time to Panic’ is due to the fact that these Canadians know how to infect the listener’s mind with their music.The chaotic deathgrind that is on offer here has the staying power that most of the band’s peers lack.

Nervous Impulse Time to Panic

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Imagine a sea that is raging wildly, threatening to wipe out anything that stands in its path. No matter how violent and dangerous the sea looks on the outside, when one jumps inside, he is surrounded by the peaceful tranquillity that lies within the surface. One gets to truly witness the beauty of the underwater ecosystem. Black metal is not so different from such wild seas. Though to the untrained ears, it may sound like mere abrasive noise, the genre has given rise to some of the most beautiful compositions in metal music. I bring this topic up, because this is exactly the train of thought that runs in my mind as I listen to Valdrin’s debut album.


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To a person who is not into metal, death metal may appear to be one of the most obscure and underground genres of music. But to a person seasoned in the art of metal, it is general knowledge that death metal is of the most common genres in metal today with most of today’s bands opting to play it. The genre has grown so much in terms of the number of bands playing it, that there are a very few avenues left to explore within it. Most of the options and variations have been explored by bands in the past. So why exactly should one listen to another death metal band, if its all been done before? I cant speak for most bands. But in the case of Human Infection’s new album, I can point out a number of reasons why you must check them out.

Curvatures in Time Album Artwork

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