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Oregon based death metal four piece band  Burials have teamed up with California based black / death entity Exhausted prayer to release a split album this January. Despite the bands sharing very little common ground in terms of stylistic choices, both these bands have one common aspect in that they both tend to add a chaotic and progressive spin to their respective styles of choice. This split release which is being handled jointly by  Apes Who Looked Up and Rose Quarter Records is my introduction to both these bands. Once again this leads me to stress upon how splits are valuable in discovering new bands with relative ease.

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Poland over the years has become the hub for quality death metal which often features influences from black metal. Heretique is no exception to that rule and with ‘De Non Existentia Dei’, the audience get blackened death metal that does not hesitate to show off a few frills. The take on the style is quite modern and the band manages to maintain a level of dark intensity throughout the record. This combination makes the album a highly enjoyable affair and one that does not compromise on any of the core black metal or death metal values to achieve that enjoyability.


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Poland has long been a breeding ground for quality death metal, bands like Decapitated, Vader and Behemoth, who are among the biggest names out there, and granted a lot of bands doing what these bands are known for. But there’s still interesting stuff to be found in the underground. Like Kult Mogil.

Released on the very credible Pagan Records, ‘Anxiety Never Descending’ is the debut full-length of Kult Mogil. Released on CD,  Christmas eve 2015, with vinyl and, (so all you trve kvlt fvcks can play this on your shitty cassette deck to get that raw, authentic sound) cassette coming in 2016.

Kult Mogil Anxiety Never Descending

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It is not wise for a man to judge a book by it’s cover (or in this case, an album by its album art). Then again, I don’t claim to be a wise man and looking at the demon spawn suckling on the teats of the masked goat creature, I could not resist checking out ‘Daemonic: The Art of Dantalian’. This is fourth full length from Belarus based death metal unit Veld, out on Lacerated Enemy Records. This is sturdy piece of death metal that carries a lot of influence from the European bands and it’s pretty straight forward in its approach.

Veld Daemonic The Art of Dantalion

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When I was a kid a long time ago (in the early 90’s) the death metal scene was growing, and demos were a big part of the scene. Somewhere along the road, when the scene exploded, it was almost impossible to keep track of all the unsigned bands. There wasn’t enough time or money to focus on anything but bands that were signed. This EP from the unsigned UK-based blackened death metal band Aetherium Mors makes me wonder how much I’ve missed out on.

Entrails CD Front

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