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Grindcore and India do not exactly share a very close bond. People here, tend to flock to other sub genres of metal and the grindcore scene here is not very populated. However, the few people that are involved in and support the grindcore music in this country do a fine job of showing how dedicated they are to it.

One person who has been carrying the flag for grind and gore is Charles Firman Rozario from Bangalore. Over the years, he has been active in so many bands and has set the tone for gore in the country. One of his bands, Bad Taste is all set to make a comeback in Bangalore with Insurrection 3. So we got talking to him and here’s how the interview went…


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Sound Awake is back with their third edition of Insurrection, a concert dedicated to all things Metal.

With its second edition comprising of bands like Shepherd, Orchid, Nihilus, Trojan Horse, Dark Desolation and Neolithic Silence, the festival has made a name for itself, bringing some of South India’s most brutal bands together. The third edition crosses the boundaries of the second, bringing down an international bands. The event is a mixed bag, consisting of a variety of genres ranging from ear shattering grind to mellow prog.


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