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Unpredictability in general is something that people would prefer to do without in almost all aspects of life. The exception to this is art, where in unpredictability serves to exhilarate and shock the audience for purposes of entertainment. This extends to heavy music as well and these days avant-garde bands are not too rare to stumble upon. Heavy Baby Sea Slugs, from Texas, USA is a band whose experimental take on sludge / punk ensures that the music is rife with the above mentioned unpredictability. Recently, this band released a short four track EP titled ‘Teenage Graveyard Party’ on the occasion of their tour in Asia. The band’s fascination with drone, doom, sludge, noise and punk comes together to create 4 tracks that are diverse, eclectic and weirdly ominous sounding.

Heavy Baby Sea Slugs

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It’s quite surprising that we made it to 2016 in one piece. 2015 turned out to be a huge downer of a year with so many tragedies marking the highlights and on a personal front too, it was a tasking period. But speaking purely in terms of metal releases, 2015 is easily one of the best years with chock full of releases spanning the entire metal spectrum. Picking out the top releases in such a year is a task that is easier said than done. For last year’s list, we did a countdown of the ten records which I felt were the best. This time though, the list has been expanded to include 15 albums and the albums are not numbered. The reason behind this, is that each of these albums is as good as the other and the numbering should not be indicative of the quality of the album. With that in mind, here is what made 2015 so memorable in my opinion.


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Judging by the name, Alien Syndrome 777, I expected it to be a musical equivalent to a campy sci-fi movie like ‘Killer Klowns from Outer Space’. But the band’s debut full length titled ‘Outer’, is a much more sinister affair that manages to invoke the strange atmosphere somewhat akin to the one experienced on starship Nostromo with a Xenomorph on the loose. Based out of Italy, France and Spain, Alien Syndrome 777 have a very weird take on black metal with a lot of avant-garde and industrial elements that make their album feel like an engaging experience in outer space.

Alien Syndrome 777

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Esoteric, unique and inaccessible- that’s the perfect way to describe the debut album by French weird black metal act Mourning Mist. Having a violinist in their ranks, quite an unconventional instrument for a black metal band, these boys from France put on quite a different projection of a classic lo-fi black metal look and feel.

Mourning Mist

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