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Off late, I’ve been going through this spell of lethargy where I don’t feel compelled to write about anything that I listen to. Lucky for me, I came across Tanned Christ and it is just what the doctor prescribed. The non stop barrage of eclectic grindcore featured on the band’s second full length ‘Antipodean Sickness’ is the perfect cure to my laziness.  The music is challenging, weird and is totally out of left field. And being a grindcore album, lack of attention results in the album zipping by in an instant, without the listener realising what happened. In fact, in the first few spins of the record, I found myself barely hanging on. Repeated attempts helps in appreciating the nuances and it is a rewarding experience.

Tanned Christ Antipodean Sickness

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When I heard all the hype about the new King Parrot album ‘Dead Set’, I blindly assumed that it’s another one riding the hype train because of Phil Anselmo’s association with the band. I’m writing this to tell the world, how stupid I was to pass a judgement like that and how ‘Dead Set’ is a ripper of an album. These aussies are nuts and listening to their music is like getting multiple adrenaline surges by the second. Thrash metal style riffs coupled with grindcore level speed and aggression makes for a very addictive concoction. This album is like crack! One can’t get enough of that face ripping energy.

King Parrot Dead Set

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The word ‘dissonance’ is defined in the dictionary as ‘lack of harmony among musical notes’. So it’s amazing when a band uses this dissonance to great effect, thus creating some unusual music. This is seen more in the black metal bands that decide to take the progressive route, but often they end up sounding extremely weird and even alienating some of the listeners. Norse, a two piece from Australia, walks the fine line between traditional black metal sounds and dissonant song writing. They do this without leaning too much on either side. Their 2014 EP ‘Pest’ is a fine example in adopting unusual song writing skills while managing to creating an enjoyable end product. Transcending Obscurity recently re-released this EP and it is a good thing that they did.

Norse Pest

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I’ve always liked fast and aggressive music that is grindcore. But 2014 was the year I truly fell in love with the genre and the year was kind to me in that it gave me tons of good grind to listen to. One of the sources for all this awesome grind was Blastasfuk, a label from Australia who had 4 brilliant albums to their credit last year. With the birth of the new year, this label is not taking it light. Rather, they’ve put out yet another record, this time from Australian grinders The Kill titled, ‘Kill Them… All’.

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2014 is turning out to be a pretty sweet year for the music of the slow variety. It is already witness to some astounding releases from the likes of YOB, Doom: VS, Earth, Pallbearer etc. A release that is equally on par or perhaps even more astounding than these is the third full length by Australian sludge dwellers, The Dead. Their ability to fuse doom, sludge and crushing death makes it a one of a kind genre bender. Titled ‘Deathsteps to Oblivion’, this records sees the band push the boundaries further with the unconventional, yet intriguing mix of sounds.

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