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How many versions can a person make of the same track, without sounding boring? According to Jani Kalin’s work in Thy Raventhrone, it’s impossible to put a number on it. If you’re familiar with this one man project, you’ll know what exactly the above statement means. On the other hand, if you’re new to the band, then let me enlighten you. Thy Raventhrone is a one man instrumental project that relies heavily on atmosphere. The idea behind the music is, he employs this same four chord progression in every song and comes up with so many different variations manifesting as different songs.


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What is it about the Finns? Whatever they touch, it turns grand and melodic. I can safely say that the majority of music coming out of Finland, have this very melodic and very epic feel to them. It has got to do something with the Finnish landscape, filled with beautiful forests, majestic hills, the northern European climate etc. So it really comes as no surprise that the music made by inhabitants of such a awe inspiring place, sounds so beautiful. Speaking of Finnish melodic metal, Thy Raventhrone has the very same formula, containing ingredients of melody, grandeur and atmosphere.


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