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When it comes to the Indian metal scene, there seems to be a sudden rise in the number of records coming out in these past two months. This includes one of, if not the most anticipated album of the year. Albatross’s debut full length has been a long time coming and it’s finally getting released on Transcending Obscurity India this week. ‘Fear from the Skies’ has high expectations from the fans, largely thanks to the EP and split the band had released previously. I’m particularly excited for Albatross’s full length, because I find this band to be a breathe of fresh air amongst the legions of extreme metal bands this country has produced. Another aspect about this band that I appreciate is that they’re story tellers. Each track is an experience with a horrific tale behind it.

Albatross Fear from the Skies

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Sound Awake is back with their third edition of Insurrection, a concert dedicated to all things Metal.

With its second edition comprising of bands like Shepherd, Orchid, Nihilus, Trojan Horse, Dark Desolation and Neolithic Silence, the festival has made a name for itself, bringing some of South India’s most brutal bands together. The third edition crosses the boundaries of the second, bringing down an international bands. The event is a mixed bag, consisting of a variety of genres ranging from ear shattering grind to mellow prog.


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Dynamic,Powerful and Relentless -That’s how one can describe Albatross’s music. From 2008, these guys have been delivering a perfect amalgamation of thrash, heavy and doom metal which they have bracketed into their own genre-“horror metal”. Come Thrashfest, these guys are all ready to deliver their unrelenting talent and energy upon the stage again

Metal Gallows talks to their founder and bassist Dr.Hex ahead of Thrashfest, about their plans and their future, as well as the gig.


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Horror and heavy metal music are two things that share a very close relationship. Over the years, countless metal bands have dealt with themes of horror in their music, within various different sub genres. But barring a few artists like King Diamond, no band has exclusively dedicated to infusing their music with themes of horror. So, it is quite rare to find present day bands that do that and the following two bands belong to such a rare breed.


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