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When I heard all the hype about the new King Parrot album ‘Dead Set’, I blindly assumed that it’s another one riding the hype train because of Phil Anselmo’s association with the band. I’m writing this to tell the world, how stupid I was to pass a judgement like that and how ‘Dead Set’ is a ripper of an album. These aussies are nuts and listening to their music is like getting multiple adrenaline surges by the second. Thrash metal style riffs coupled with grindcore level speed and aggression makes for a very addictive concoction. This album is like crack! One can’t get enough of that face ripping energy.

King Parrot Dead Set

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As winter slowly dies away and summer rears its ugly head, there is still one thing that can encase you in a cold embrace. I’m talking about the genre of black metal of course. Hypothermia from Sweden has only that sole intent in its mind and with it’s upcoming full length ‘Svartkonst’, the band aims to leave a lasting melancholic impression on the listeners. Masterminded by Kim Carlsson of Lifelover and Kall fame, this project has been churning out solid black metal records from the start of the millennium and it’s when they started experimenting with post-rock aesthetics that the music attained a sort of grim beauty to it.

Hypothermia Svartkonst

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Modern, raw, crisp black metal. Norwegian black metallers  Den Saakaldte’s new release ‘Kapittel II: Faen I Helvete’ proves that proper production in black metal does not always dilute the brutality- in this case it actually enhances it.

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