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An album art is as important as the music in the album itself. An album art is what gives the listener the first impression even before he / she listens to the music. So what most bands do is they try to portray the concept of their music on the cover. When it comes to death metal bands, the resultant is often filled with gore and blood. Septekh, as you can see below, have gone for something completely different. This weird creation of theirs achieves its purpose by intriguing the listener, thereby compelling him / her to check out the music.

SEPTEKH - Plan for World Domination cover art

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When someone mentions the sub genre of doom metal, the most common themes that come to mind are bass heavy tones, slow drudging music and dreary lyrics. These are the common traits shared by many doom bands across the globe. After a certain point, the ideas in this genre tend to get a little repetitive, as the genre itself is restrictive in terms of room for innovation. However, The Gardnerz manage to incorporate some unconventional and genre bending ideas into this oft monotonous genre.


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