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Musically speaking, doom metal and black metal are miles apart. One is a genre that relies on a bass heavy tone and slow droning pace. While the other is often treble high, rapid and rabid. Despite their differences musically, ideologically they are not that far apart. Both the genres deal with dark subject matters. Both are known to envelope the listener in a sombre and gloomy atmosphere. So now, we’ll take a look at a couple of songs from both the genres, from bands that thin the line of difference between the genres¬†under consideration.


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2013 turned out to be a special year for me in terms of music. I started this webzine last December and as a result, I had the opportunity to check out so many underground bands from across the globe. Though not all these bands were worth the time, some of them were absolutely stand out brilliant. Though not widely known, these bands showcased their potential through their releases this year. Most of these bands are still unsigned, while a few of them have already signed deals with small time labels. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure. These bands have the potential to make it big and one must definitely keep an eye on them.

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