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The Egyptian mythology has served as an inspiration to l0ads of musicians over the years. And yes, there are more Egyptian flavored metal musicians out there other than just Nile. If the name does not make it blatantly clear to you, Horus is one such band that takes its musical inspiration from the land of the pharaohs. This Romanian outfit started out very recently and their style of music sits well under the tag of death metal and they carry just the right amount of melody to prefix the tag with “melodic”. ‘Declaration of War’ is the band’s debut EP and it was released in 2013.


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When one thinks of the grand piano, the music often associated with it are classical compositions and maybe even jazz. Though the grand piano has been used in metal music over the years, the utilization has been limited to just a few tracks and fillers. When Sunrise Black claimed in their mail that they are probably the only metal band to use the piano as a main instrument in their music, I was sceptical. But having searched far and wide in the internet and not having coming up with any other names, I guess the claim is not so far-fetched after all. Using a new instrument in metal music is nothing new. But the way the new element is added in coherence with other familiar elements is what sets a band apart. This is exactly what this four piece from Malbork, Poland aim for.


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The world may not lack one man black metal bands, but I think its fair to say that there’s far between the really good ones. Countless horrendous recordings of generic “heard it a thousand times before” black metal are spewed out every year. Fortunately Despot’s debut, ‘Satan in the Death Row’, isn’t one of them.


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Alice In Chains is one band that does not need a definitive introduction to the average hard rock loyalist. But even so, for the rest of the general souls branching out to this sort of music, it’s worth a mention. Alice in Chains was one of the 4 bands out of Seattle, which burst out into the early 90’s grunge scene alongside Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. Spearheaded by vocalist Layne Stayley and lead guitarist Jerry Cantrell, they belted out hits such as ‘Nutshell’, ‘Man in the box’, ‘Down in a hole’, ‘Would ?’, ‘Rooster’ and ‘Rotten Apple’ etc before they were plagued by Staley’s recurring  drug addiction. Although never truly a grunge band in essence, they branched out towards a more metal oriented sound in latter records. Their characteristic sound comprised of deep ,acoustic guitars coupled with Cantrell’s skilful technical leads and an harmonized vocal style between Staley and Cantrell  which was showcased in most of their tracks. Following Staley’s death ,they went off the radar only to surface in 2005 with new lead vocalist William Duvall.


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Musically speaking, doom metal and black metal are miles apart. One is a genre that relies on a bass heavy tone and slow droning pace. While the other is often treble high, rapid and rabid. Despite their differences musically, ideologically they are not that far apart. Both the genres deal with dark subject matters. Both are known to envelope the listener in a sombre and gloomy atmosphere. So now, we’ll take a look at a couple of songs from both the genres, from bands that thin the line of difference between the genres under consideration.


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