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There used to be a time when the riff was the protagonist. The riffs were simple in their structure and yet so effective in carrying the entire song forward. That time is described by many as the golden era of heavy metal before the technological advancements changed the game completely. If you are someone who misses the good old days of riff based heavy music, then fret not. Sideburn, with their heavy stoner rock tunes, take the listeners back to the good ol’ days of metal.


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What is essential in any music album is that it should be memorable. The riffs must invade the listener’s mind in such a way that they haunt him long after he has hit the stop button. But this is a lesson that seems to be lost on many bands today, especially when it comes to the technical and progressive genres. Most of these bands try to cram in as much technical riffs in their songs as posiible and to leave the listeners in awe. The result of this is that the songs are instantly forgotten after the last note, though they manage to keep the listener enthralled for the length of the track. Still, there are quite a few bands that are an exception, who make their music both memorable and technical. Which of these categories does Chaos Plague fall under?

Chaos Plague Artwork

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Any person who has been keeping track of the happenings in the Indian metal scene in the past year, will know about Bevar Sea. In case you didn’t, Bevar Sea is a 5 piece Stoner Metal band hailing from Bangalore, India. They have been active in the scene for a couple of years now and their debut has been one of the most anticipated albums of 2012.


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Initially, even before i had heard a single track, my assumption had been that they played the modern version of melodic death metal filled with neo-classical riffs accentuated with growling vocals and keyboard overdrives. But two minutes into the opening track, ‘Beckoning Oblivion,’ all such assumptions were shattered away.


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Gojira are all set to headline the Indian Metal Fest this December 15th. I had never listened to any of their work before. So I decided to give their latest offering a spin before the concert. And dare I say, Gojira might have found themselves a new fan in me.


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