2 comments on “Motorhead Tribute – India – Review

  1. Disagree with a lot of your review. Dormant Inferno sounds the weakest of the lot. Mortar’s drums are programmed. Purgation does not do the song justice at all. Vocals out of place and programmed drums again. Djinn’s is a very good track, but if you think Shepherd is monotonous, I’m wondering how you liked this one. 1833 is bland as always. Bevar Sea is good expect for the compressed vocals. Same problem with Witchgoat. Bad production for vocals, nothing wrong with the recording aspect. And same problem again for Dying Embrace. I expected more class from Millennium. They sound like a a hip hop band. Using ‘motherfucker’ again and again was out of vogue since Russell Simmons brought in hip hop.

    • That’s your opinion. and what i postes is my opinion. But, you are wrong to claim that Mortar’s drums are programmed. I can very well assure you that they were not programmed drums. Djinn and miskatonik were the better among the doom tracks. Shepherd was monotonous to me. 1833 A.D. had the better black metal cover among the two and not bland in the least. And as for millennium, just because a band says motherfucker a lot, it does not make them a hip hop band. In the witchgoat song, what i meant was the vocal production work.

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