The city of joy, Kolkata has always been one of the cultural capitals of India. It’s contributions to the metal scene is also quite significant. The city boasts a duality of bullet belt wearing old school metallers and modern metal miscreants with their metalcore and nu metal stylings. The band in focus here is of the former variety. Armament is a 4 piece thrash band that parties like it’s still the 80’s. Armed with razor sharp thrash riffs and a never ending flow of energy, the band’s debut ‘First Strike’ is a good way to let out one’s inner thrash monster.

Armament First Strike

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While Floridian death metal and Swedish death metal have become household names (atleast in metalhead households), the German scene is often overlooked. It’s a shame because, this scene has consistently churned out death metal is unrelentingly brutal and in-your-face. Into Darkness are a fine example for what I’m talking about. Formed in 1995, this band had been plagued by lineup changes which saw them release only one album back in ’97. However, that is not enough to stop this juggernaut and with a renewed lineup they’re back to tear you a new one. The band will release their second full length in 18 years, titled ‘Sinister Demise’, on 11th September 2015 through Rising Nemesis Records.

Into Darkness Sinister Demise

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Before I kick this article off, I want to give a huge shout to Satan Spawn for allowing me to write this, as I know he was doing this series from his perspective. However, the question here is who would be better to talk about being a woman in the metal scene than exactly that? A woman in the metal scene!

Like with many segments of the scene, there are many misconceptions about being a female metal fan, as well as some frankly down right rude and misogynistic name-calling, opinions and stereotypes, that can piss most people off.

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Our beloved genre of metal is not without it’s fair share of misbeliefs and misconceptions. Just like in any consortium, there are a lot of metalheads that hold opinions that are not necessarily accurate facts. This series of articles is my take on some of these opinions and how we could be all better off by changing some of it. Please note, that you may not agree 100% with what I say, but then again, not everyone’s the same.

Metal has a lot of divides. It’s innumerable and ever growing sub-genre list alone is the cause of many an argument among metalheads. One of the greater divides us metalheads face is the whole old school versus innovative metal argument. This basically stems from the thought that metal is done best in the way the progenitors of the genre did it. People of this mindset crave familiarity in their music and oft ignore the newer breed of bands that choose to think outside the old school box.


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As winter slowly dies away and summer rears its ugly head, there is still one thing that can encase you in a cold embrace. I’m talking about the genre of black metal of course. Hypothermia from Sweden has only that sole intent in its mind and with it’s upcoming full length ‘Svartkonst’, the band aims to leave a lasting melancholic impression on the listeners. Masterminded by Kim Carlsson of Lifelover and Kall fame, this project has been churning out solid black metal records from the start of the millennium and it’s when they started experimenting with post-rock aesthetics that the music attained a sort of grim beauty to it.

Hypothermia Svartkonst

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