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The best part of modern stoner / doom / sludge metal is that, even though there have been shit-load of bands and albums coming through every fortnight for the last few years, the quality somehow seems to keep the seasoned fans interested, and in fact get more fans with new each album in this genre. Fuzz laden psychedelic stoner band FOGG simply takes you on a new ride, maybe more bumpy than you would have wanted with their new album ‘High Testament’ that was released June 22nd, through Tee Pee Records.

FOGG High Testament

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Music, a world full of unique and creative artists trying to create new and innovative art, some groundbreaking and some influenced. But rarely do we come across bands, even in the weird world of heavy metal bands, that only dependent absolute heaviness to try to make sense of the music. Welcome to the world of French death metal band Autokrator as they release their self titled full length this year.


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With a name like Hard Action, it isn’t hard to see what’s on offer here; simple, modern hard rock with a bit of a punk rock touch. Releasing their debut full length ‘Sinister Vibes’, this 12th June, everything about Hard Action is easy on the ears and the music is nostalgic.

Hard Action Sinister Vibes

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If you are one of those death metal fans who listens to the old school raw variety on headphones constantly, you would know how the music takes you into a very nasty and filthy world, which is only matched by the ‘oomph’ created by sludge metal. The band in question here is one of those raw, old school death metal bands from Italy, named Drown in Blood who brought out their debut full length album ‘Addicted to Murder’ this April 27th  on Earthquake Terror Noise.

Drown in Blood Addicted to Murder

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Thrash metal has spread its wings globally and its style, in ways beyond anybody’s count. Israeli Thrashers Shredhead bring their 2nd full length ‘Death is Righteous’ this year. With a name like Shredhead, its easy to have preconceived notions about the sound, but any notions are put to rest by the band right from the word go.

Shreadhead Death is Righteous

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