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If I had a dime for every time someone said that in the era of high end production and tough competition in metal, a band sticking to simple old school music is a breath of fresh air…well, I’d be the richest man ever. There’s no denying that it’s fresh air, but it all depends on what you choose to listen. There still are bands playing folk rock like Simon & Garfunkel, or the classic rock like The Beatles. We have all kinds of music at this moment, what kind of music is a breath of fresh air to you, that’s a subjective matter and one’s music taste is highly personal.

Curse of the North: I

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Eschaton is a rather uncommon term in the English language, inferring to the end of the world. And this exactly what New England based Eschaton lucidly create in their debut album ‘Sentinel Apocalypse’. ‘Sentinel Apocalypse’ is an impeccable confection of technical death metal and deathcore.  Though quite an isolated fusion, but hey, someone’s got to do it.

Eschaton Sentinel Apocalypse

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What happens when leading mainstream genres like electro and funk breed with progressive metal? Well, Cyrax happens. We’ve come a long way from just distorted guitars and turn tables playing our music for us. Both of them have maintained their distance up until now. Many tried to attempt a mix but the hybrid wasn’t just what we needed, it lacked something or the other. After The Prodigy successfully transfused rock with electro and funk music, it was about time someone did the same with metal and strut; that’s where Cyrax comes into picture.

Cyrax Pictures

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Imagine you have been served a buffet but all the food is covered with just name plates on them. Out of all the food present at the table you choose ‘Spicy Sugar’. You don’t know what it is, but you choose it anyway because it’s sugar anyway. Lifting the cover plate reveals very peculiar sugar and when you eat it, it gives you tornado of tastes and melts off within a fraction of second. Imagine that sugar rush, you just keep eating more and more of it to exactly know the taste but getting no result even after eating twice your limit, you leave it anyway. That is in short how new Deconstructing Sequence EP ‘Access Code’ is.

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Metalheads are always the curious ones, who – support their artist regardless; local, mainstream or underground. They only want new and good music to listen to. One fine day this curiosity lead me to Metal Archives, to listen to something close to exactly what I like. And advanced search lead me to Maahlas who had recently released their debut album, ‘Nightmare Years’.


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