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Djent is a genre I’m fairly new to, only familiar with a few songs by the Swedish forefathers of the genre, Meshuggah. It was definitely a mixed experience. I came across a band called Sequence of Discord while youtubing for djent bands, and most of what I came across were hardly melodic and were merely a myriad of open notes with an occasional pinch harmonic, but two bands stood out, two bands from what I came across, Sequence of Discord and Walking Across Jupiter.


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Kriver, a five piece band hailing from Brazil, seems to have pulled off the combination of power and death together so well, that it inspired me to write about it! It is definitely strange to see elements of death metal in a power metal band, some of us would think of it as a musical abomination, but let me clear this up. Kriver has executed this mix to excellent proportions. The songs still hold the true essence of power metal with touches of death vocals which make it nothing but fiercer. The vocalist does a mighty job with a very mighty voice, his medieval ballad style singing truly is amazing!

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Any of you play, League of Legends (LoL)? Well, if you do you might have noticed the ‘Pentakill’ skins on 5 champions, and each of these champions appear as one to make the league’s only metal band, Pentakill! For those of you haven’t played this game, it’s a quite famous battle arena type game like Defense of The Ancients. The album was a long awaited treat for most LoL players, finally it released this year (2014) and the band sounds as promising as most of the fans expected it to be.


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