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Born from a hardcore background, Black Anvil play venomous, aggressive black thrash and ‘Hail Death’ benefits greatly from this. Yet this album isn’t all break neck speed and a fuck em all attitude and as such expect to hear some excellent song writing on this album that breaks up the brutality with the odd layer of subtle melody and intensive grinding riff-age.

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From the city that gave the world Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, pretty much where the entire grunge movement that nearly killed off heavy metal in the 90’s, Seattle, comes something far darker, more powerful and more foreboding than anything the North-Western state has ever seen, a death metal band with drone doom and sludge influences going by the name of Shadow of the Torturer and their latest three track album entitled simply ‘Dronestown’. For those who need a musical point of reference, if you combined Vallenfyre, Sunn O))) and Crowbar you’d be part of the way to understanding the dominance, aura and malevolence of Shadow of the Torturer!

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I’m in no doubt as I listen to ‘Condemned to Hope’ for the third time that this is going to be one of the albums of the year! Yorkshire stoner doom quintet Black Moth’s sophomore opus is the follow up to 2012’s ‘The Killing Jar’ and sees the band return in fine form!

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With a background in punk and hardcore behind them, (As well as being in an all girl Slayer tribute act called Slaywhore) Caryn Havlik, Kristen Nosek and Lesley Wolf have now transcended and progressed into what they are today, namely Mortals, a gnarly combination of black metal and sludge straight from the mean streets of Brooklyn! Five years on from their debut album ‘Encyclopedia of Myths’ and Mortals have returned sporting a deal inked with Relapse Records and a brand new opus going by the thought provoking name of ‘Cursed to see the Future’.


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You can thank Relapse Records for bringing this slab of old school Swedish death metal back to the forefront of your attention as ‘The Winterlong’, God Macabre’s 1993 debut/lone studio album is revived and rejuvenated with four extra previously unreleased tracks. An album that truly has everything, ‘The Winterlong’ was to be a one hit wonder as the band would fold soon after it’s initial release and the band members would go on to perform in such quality acts as Bombs of Hades, Mordbrand and Torture Division to name but three!


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