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At the initial listen, I was intrigued by the sound of Pakistan based Realm Unseen’s ‘The Origin’– with its phone call start and to be startled by the following track and its start. It works as a concept, as the intro plays it so that the startling is one that can be seemingly justified.

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Before I kick this article off, I want to give a huge shout to Satan Spawn for allowing me to write this, as I know he was doing this series from his perspective. However, the question here is who would be better to talk about being a woman in the metal scene than exactly that? A woman in the metal scene!

Like with many segments of the scene, there are many misconceptions about being a female metal fan, as well as some frankly down right rude and misogynistic name-calling, opinions and stereotypes, that can piss most people off.

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It doesn’t feel too long ago that I first started here and reviewed my first album – ‘The Waystone’ by Kaine. Now, I have been fortunate enough to be contacted by one of Kaine’s band members to review their new single, ‘Justice Injustice’. Being a fan of this band as it is, with their typical NWOBHM sound, I was eager to get a hold of this single, and boy did it not disappoint.

Justice Injustice Artwork

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I am one for a good tale or two that is for sure, and with this album, when first approaching it, it reads as though it is going to be a great whirlwind of an album. The length of some of the songs, with five of the songs going over the 7-minute mark, makes me look forward to hearing what Evertale has done in regards to their music. The title itself – ‘Of Dragons and Elves’, is what makes this more of an intrigue.

This may be because currently I am on more of a pagan / folk / power metal course with my taste, but when you find some stellar music, especially finding bands that can possibly give the likes of Symphony X and Iron Maiden a run for their money in terms of lyrical content, is quite exciting.

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As much as the name suggests something, er, Plain, it is far from being so. This Norwegian four piece show that Hard Rock really is something to be paid attention to. Their unmistakable style of a thrash styled rock gives a one-two punch of recognisable vocals and ever changing musical sound. The lyrics and the delivery by them is pretty astounding, flicking between screams and clean vocals as easily and done as well as bands who use two vocalists such as Scar Symmetry and Ne Obliviscaris.

Plain Plain EP

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