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I’ve been writing about metal for close to 4 years now. But hopefully I believe I did so without the false air of journalism that is usually attached to it. Most of us after all write what we write in the spirit of sharing good music. Being the good Samaritan. Or is it? Pretenders of the idea of a gift economy, the internet, perhaps? Writing monetarily uncompensated balderdash for the general good but indirectly watering the hope of a metal credo to take root? Maybe to fill those large gaps in our bogus job resumes while we in reality live out mostly uneventful lives?


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Well thanks for Satan Spawn for letting me write on here. This is indeed shaping up to be a good site. Here are a few releases that I reckon are good although not groundbreaking nor AOTY material by any means. Still all of them hold a charm of their own.


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