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‘Cold’ is the second EP by progressive sludge outfit OHHMS.  OHHMS’s critically acclaimed EP ‘Gloom’ showcased a mix of post-metal, sludge, psych and stoner metal. Here, OHHMS experiment with the addition of a lot of new psychedelic and stoner elements.  The EP consists of two tracks, spanning a total of 33 minutes.


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The first edition of Vile Fest saw some of the best slam and grind acts from the Indian subcontinent getting together for a nasty gig. After its success, the fest is back for its sophomore edition, broadening its purview to some other forms of extreme metal, including tech-death and black metal. The recent years have seen a rise in the number of fests catering to pure, unadulterated extreme metal. Just like the previous edition, this edition of the fest sports some of the best extreme bands in the country. Surprisingly, this extreme fest has quite a few sponsors, including Blackstar and Soultone. This edition’s promising lineup includes:

Vile Fest
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Catatonia is the latest of the set of gigs by Transcending Obscurity. Over the past year and a half, Kunal Choksi, the head of Transcending Obscurity, has fostered the growth of numerous bands by helping them with distribution, and most importantly, giving them a stage. He recently started organizing concerts, with the intention of promoting nothing but metal. After organizing concerts specially for specific sub-genres, like the Thrashfest, he is back with Catatonia fest, where each band is different in it’s expression. The fest is to be held on November 2nd, at Goa Portuguesa – Thane. This promising venue has been the host to many a gig, not failing to deliver each time.

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Unexpected; there is no word better to describe progressive death metal and no word better to define Orion. This giant’s journey towards greatness has stretched across a span of four years. With rises, falls, conflicts, losses, redemption and other rock and roll documentary occurrences, Orion has forged itself to become the creature it is today. The sound that Orion is known for has always been a mystery to the band itself because every fan and enthusiast finds a new way to express what they hear. The one thing that remains constant is the element of surprise.  Their music is a relentless mix of progression with jazz and death metal.


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