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Esoteric, unique and inaccessible- that’s the perfect way to describe the debut album by French weird black metal act Mourning Mist. Having a violinist in their ranks, quite an unconventional instrument for a black metal band, these boys from France put on quite a different projection of a classic lo-fi black metal look and feel.

Mourning Mist

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Palisades’ new album ‘Mind Games’ is by and large the most prerogative and repetitive piece of junk that I have ever come across in the metal world. This is not something coming from an ‘elitist’ who listens to nothing but the tr00est forms of metal, I also enjoy my share of core genres and also EDM. But this abomination of  an album spawns only one thought – Kill it before it lays eggs!

Palisades Mind Games

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The first time I heard Riti Occulti and saw their genre was ‘Blackened Stoner Metal’, I thought this was going to either one of the best works I’ve ever heard or obscure crap just being obscure for the sake of it. Then I checked their metal-archives page. Two female vocalists and no guitars. I went onto listening the album not knowing what to expect, and boy, I was blown away.

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Zygnema. If any Mumbai metalhead hears this name, instantly he brandishes his horns and yells “ZYGNEMAAA!”. Whenever they perform at any local venue, scores of people turn up (some not even metalheads), to mosh, gloat and bask in the glory of these Mumbai titans. Many bands have tried to ape their  music and style, to much avail. Such is the power of Zygnema, Mumbai’s first premier  groove metal export.


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Modern, raw, crisp black metal. Norwegian black metallers  Den Saakaldte’s new release ‘Kapittel II: Faen I Helvete’ proves that proper production in black metal does not always dilute the brutality- in this case it actually enhances it.

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