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The loss of a fellow human being is one of the hardest things to deal with in life and when a band loses one of its members, it can take a toll on the very existence of the band. Georgia based sludge band Black Tusk recently endured such a tragedy when founding member Jonathan Athon passed away back in 2014. The band however, has soldiered on to release their fourth full length titled ‘Pillars of Ash’, a high energy sludge, hardcore crossover record that contains some of the last recorded work of their fallen comrade. Black Tusk tread a path that blurs the lines between hardcore punk and sludge, producing music that has equal parts punk attitude and equal parts groovy sludge.

Black Tusk Pillars of Ash

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Diving into the wretched sea of goregrind, listeners can expect one of two things: music that pushes the human experience to the extreme limits, talking about things that are often considered taboo, or music that is self aware and makes fun of itself and the style in general. This dichotomy of goregrind offers an interesting insight into the genre and is not something that most other styles exhibit. Regardless of the tone in which it is delivered, the subject remains vile and filthy, making it a style that is not everyone’s cup of tea.

For the purpose of this article, two goregrind bands are put under the microscope and though both share a lot of things in common, they’re the polar opposites of what this style of music has to offer.


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“Cave man metal” is a term often used by critics (including yours truly) to address music that is dumbed down for the least common denominator. Primitiv proves to a be an exception where the band embraces the idea of primitive sounding music to create a death metal album that is unapologetically heavy and relentless in its intent to crush everything. The band’s debut album ‘Immortal & Vile’ comes off as a concept album of sorts, where Primitiv cross the thresholds of sounding old school, taking the music into ancient realms. Every element of the music lends itself to the ancient feel of the music, resulting in a coherent and well put together album.

Primitiv Immortal & Vile

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