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Poland has long been a breeding ground for quality death metal, bands like Decapitated, Vader and Behemoth, who are among the biggest names out there, and granted a lot of bands doing what these bands are known for. But there’s still interesting stuff to be found in the underground. Like Kult Mogil.

Released on the very credible Pagan Records, ‘Anxiety Never Descending’ is the debut full-length of Kult Mogil. Released on CD,  Christmas eve 2015, with vinyl and, (so all you trve kvlt fvcks can play this on your shitty cassette deck to get that raw, authentic sound) cassette coming in 2016.

Kult Mogil Anxiety Never Descending

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The initial vigour that black metal started out with, seems to have diminished over the ages and the various ways in which this genre has branched out, has taken the music in different directions while abandoning the evil and occult appeal that black metal initially possessed. A very few bands continue to keep it abrasive outside the “war metal” subculture and Primeval Mass from Greece, is one such name that continues make black metal that sounds evil, twisted and dangerous. The band’s approach to this style abandons much of the frills added by imitators and drag the music, kicking and screaming, back into the realms of darkness. ‘To Empyrean Thrones’ is the band’s third full length, released on Katoptron IX Records, that continues to see the band progress with the ideas of furious and chaotic black metal, established by the first couple of releases.

Primeval Mass To Empyrean Thrones

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Black metal’s fascination with grim forests is well known and bands like Drudkh and Raventale have perfected the art of creating atmospheric black metal that resonates the whispers in the woods. Perhaps it’s the nihilistic outlook of the genre in general which causes it to be a perfect fit as a theme for old, desolate forests. Old Forest from the UK keep no secrets about their love for the woods, with the band name inspired by a primordial forest from Tolkien’s middle earth. ‘Dagian’ is the band’s third full length (their second after they regrouped in 2007) that consists of four atmospheric black metal tracks that would serve as the ideal music for trekking through the wilderness on a cold winter day.

Old Forest Dagian

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As a young lad in a developing scene, who had just discovered death metal, my introduction to Third Sovereign happened back in 2007 when their full length ‘Destined to Suffer’ came out. The band’s brutal, straightforward approach to death metal fascinated my young mind and it was my first encounter with death metal from India. As the years passed, death metal in the country branched out into different styles while Third Sovereign lie dormant in terms of releases. After 9 years, the band prepares to make a comeback on Transcending Obscurity India with their second full length, titled ‘Perversion Swallowing Sanity’. Though there is a wide gap between the releases, the band’s sound harkens back to the first couple of albums and they manage to sound as brutal as ever.

Third Sovereign Perversion Swallowing Sanity

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Last year, Dendritic Arbor landed on many people’s radars with not just one, but two fantastic releases. Then again Dendritic Arbor is not your everyday, run of the mill metal band and their music sets them quite apart from the crowd. Combining the harshest elements of black metal, grindcore and noise, the band manages to create music that is extremely abrasive and yet cohesive at the same time. The two releases they had last year, ‘Romantic Love’ and ‘Sentient Village // Obsolecent Garden’ EP are a collection of well written and layered tracks. The grindcore / black metal tracks have something new to reveal in each listen and the unrelenting sonic attack seems to be brimming with seething anger from the band’s side.

After listening to these albums multiple time, I knew I had to talk to the band and we went ahead and did just that. The guitarist / vocalist Adam Henderson and bassist Tom Bittner took the time to answer my questions and here’s how it went.


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