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Glowsun are a three piece heavy psych band based out of Lille, France. They’re a recent addition to the Napalm Records roster.  Having released two full lengths filled with stoner vibes before, with their most recent album ‘Beyond the Wall of Time’, Glowsun are putting out some of the tightest stoner psych out there.

Glowsun Beynd the Wall of Time

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When one looks at a band that has had a career spanning more than a decade, their most recent album often sounds very different from their debut in terms of style. And then there are bands like Horna from Finland, who hold down a level of consistency in their music. Only a few changes here and there are present in this band’s career and these differences aside, the music has stayed pretty much the same. A supergroup of sorts, containing members from Sargeist, Sotajumala, Behexen and Slave’s Mask, Horna recently released their 9th full length ‘Hengen Tulet’ on W.T.C. Productions. 

Horna Hengen Tulet

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2015 has been kind to fans of death metal. With fantastic releases from the likes of Sulphur Aeon, Scythian, Desolate Shrine etc., fans of the genre are spoilt for choice. To further complicate the task of choosing the year’s top pick, come the German veterans, Into Darkness. The band’s third full length ‘Sinister Demise’ is proof that a band can stick to the roots of genre and stil manage to make a record that is fresh and engaging. Most of today’s bands that tend to pigeonhole themselves where stylistic choices are concerned, can definitely learn a thing or two from these Germans.

Into Darkness Sinister Demise

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Every week, I makes sure to update my playlist with a few short EPs. These little bundles of music are absolutely perfect when you just have a break of 5-10 minutes and you need something to refresh your brain with. And when you need music to get you pumped up, hardcore punk is the go to genre. There is something about this simple, rebellious genre that makes it easy to switch off your mind and just enjoy the music without a second thought.

Today I present to you two bands that share a few common traits, but sound significantly different from each other. While Bleach Everything dwelve into the extreme side of hardcore punk, Death Motif borrows elements from the hardcore genre and fuses it with extreme black metal and thrash metal to create an interesting combination.


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