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After a successful gig last year featuring the likes of Destruction and Rotting Christ, Bangalore Open Air returned stronger this year. Abandoning the previously seen one big show setting, the fourth edition of the festival featured a week of metal that ended in a huge, epic finale. From May 20th to June 5th, gigs were held across the city, focussing on one theme each night. These gigs brought out the best of the best in the Indian scene like Albatross, Stark Denial, 1833 AD, Primitiv, Dark Desolation, Escharified, Perforated Limb, Grossty, Kryptos, Eccentric Pendulum, Dirge etc. The week ended in a huge two stage concert that was headlined by grindcore giants Napalm Death, nefarious black metal horde Inquisition and blackened death dealers Belphegor. Supporting them were acts like Gutslit, Nauseate, Undying Inc, Escher’s Knot, Orator and Unwhole. Without saying as to how each performance panned out, I’m going to let our admin Gowthaman Jayapal’s photos of the event, do the talking.

Bangalore Open Air 2015


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Last year, when this website was launched, we put together a compilation of underground death metal tracks (which you can still find here) and on that compilation, we featured Warcrab from U.K.. Last year these guys released their EP titled ‘Ashes of Carnage’ and somehow it slipped under our radar. Now Contagion Records recently re-released this EP and this time, I’m not going to miss the opportunity to talk about it. Sonically, Warcrab make one of the heaviest forms of metal by marrying sludge metal atmosphere and thick guitar tones with death metal song writing.

Warcrab Ashes of Carnage
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While the USA does seem have quite a number of folk metal bands, it’s the bands from the other side of the pond that are known far and wide when it comes to folk metal. Isenmor from Baltimore, USA play a style of viking folk metal that takes a lot of cues from the European folk playbook. Listening to their debut EP ‘Land of the Setting Sun’, it is easy to make an assumption that these guys are from somewhere in Europe. Armed with dual violinists, this six piece take the listener on a ride to a time when the Vikings sailed west and set foot on the new world.

Isenmor Land of the Setting Sun

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I am one for a good tale or two that is for sure, and with this album, when first approaching it, it reads as though it is going to be a great whirlwind of an album. The length of some of the songs, with five of the songs going over the 7-minute mark, makes me look forward to hearing what Evertale has done in regards to their music. The title itself – ‘Of Dragons and Elves’, is what makes this more of an intrigue.

This may be because currently I am on more of a pagan / folk / power metal course with my taste, but when you find some stellar music, especially finding bands that can possibly give the likes of Symphony X and Iron Maiden a run for their money in terms of lyrical content, is quite exciting.

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The best part of modern stoner / doom / sludge metal is that, even though there have been shit-load of bands and albums coming through every fortnight for the last few years, the quality somehow seems to keep the seasoned fans interested, and in fact get more fans with new each album in this genre. Fuzz laden psychedelic stoner band FOGG simply takes you on a new ride, maybe more bumpy than you would have wanted with their new album ‘High Testament’ that was released June 22nd, through Tee Pee Records.

FOGG High Testament

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