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Most of black metal Satanic imagery is due to the anti Christian sentiments held by the European progenitors of the second wave movement. But that Satanic template has now become a genre staple with many bands following that path just because it is a prerequisite. In a country like India, bands are pampered with things that they can raise their voice against and yet it is rarely the case. So it is refreshing to hear a new EP from Heathen Beast who are screaming about the stuff that actually matters. They’ve done so in the past with their first EP ‘The Drowning of the Elephant God’ where they addressed the blind superstitions that are till date followed in India. Now with their follow up ‘The Carnage of Godhra’ they remind the population of the true roots of their current ruling government.

Heath Beast The Carnage of Godhra

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There comes a point in the growth of every music scene, where its artists are not only loved in their homelands, but in other countries as well. The Indian scene has well surpassed this point and this realization hit me when my fellow scribe Magne Karlsen  was talking to me about Inner Sanctum’s gig in Oslo. And now the band have released their full length titled ‘Legions Awake’ and this album totally explains why these guys are so loved. This is an album that have been awaited by fans ever since the band came out with their first EP and the wait of six years is well justified.

Inner Sanctum Legions Awake

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When I heard all the hype about the new King Parrot album ‘Dead Set’, I blindly assumed that it’s another one riding the hype train because of Phil Anselmo’s association with the band. I’m writing this to tell the world, how stupid I was to pass a judgement like that and how ‘Dead Set’ is a ripper of an album. These aussies are nuts and listening to their music is like getting multiple adrenaline surges by the second. Thrash metal style riffs coupled with grindcore level speed and aggression makes for a very addictive concoction. This album is like crack! One can’t get enough of that face ripping energy.

King Parrot Dead Set

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The genre of metal is very diverse. It is so diverse that one can spend 10 minutes of one’s life either listening to a single doom metal track, or an entire grindcore album.  If you are one to choose the latter option, then Hrust Kostilyo’s latest EP, ‘Degradation, Manipulation, Mobilization’ might be the album you’re looking for. These Russians deliver 10  dissentient  tracks in a little above 10 minutes and they do it with absolute brutality.

Hrust Kostilyo Degradation Manipulation Mobilization

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It’s amazing how two identical bands share the same influences in music, the same country of origin and yet sound distinctively different from each other. Offal and Zombie Cookbook are both from Brazil and they both play a form of primitive death metal with grindcore overtones. They came together earlier this year to release a short split through Black Hole Productions. This split is a good little collection of old school death metal from two bands that are so similar to each other, but with characters of their own.


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